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Thank you for your interest in visiting our site. Likely you are exploring options for a family member for whom you care deeply and now needs some level of assistance with daily activities. It is also likely you’re experiencing a wide range of emotion from sadness to anger; sad that your loved one has grown old or gotten sick and can no longer enjoy a completely independent lifestyle; angry perhaps this has come crashing down without the level of planning you’d hoped for; your own normal routine is now not so normal, and you might be the only one who seems to care enough about your loved one to step up and see to their needs.

At Accent we understand what you’re experiencing. We have experienced the sadness, the anger, the stress and believe deeply in the notion every person deserves the opportunity to remain in their own home and have a dignified, high quality of life for as long as possible. And we also believe the loving spouse or child looking for care giver solutions deserves to know care will be delivered in a highly professional, compassionate, and dignified manner. Every person deserves to know their care givers share completely their concern for a loved one; and to have some sense of normal returned to their own life. This cannot be achieved until a level of trust and confidence in a care giver is established. At Accent we work to earn the trust of every client and the confidence of those loved ones faced with difficult care decisions. We offer a full range of services to meet the home health needs of our clients believing that working toward the goal of allowing a person to retain their independence in their own home while assisting as needed with some or all of their personal care needs is the most ideal situation.

Feel free to browse the site and we hope you'll find useful information to assist with your care decisions. We've worked to assemble resources you might find valuable as you explore best options for the care of your loved one and we're constantly looking to improve these for the clients and family's we provide care services to.

If we can assist in helping you navigate through your options we'd be delighted to visit with you and your loved one. Feel free to email us, reach us through our Contact Page, or give us a call at (314) 378-8799.

Again welcome to Accent and best wishes to you and your loved one as you undertake your care journey together.

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